Textile Restoration

With over 150 years combined experience in the dry cleaning and laundry process, our staff is fully trained in restoring your fabric garments and other items damaged by fire, smoke, water, and mold. Other items include leather and fur garments, shoes, belts, purses, stuffed animals, feather pillows, throw pillows, wall hanging, uniforms, window treatments, drapes, sheers, linens, and much more.

Points of Distinction

  • Convenient local drop off locations
  • Our Guarantee: If it doesn’t restore, there is no charge.
  • NuTrend gives back to our local community.

With 20 years plus with the latest in technology of textile restoration cleaning, the restoration process is valuable to the alternative of replacement cost. With a 98% success rate on the restoration process, we save you time and money. Keepsakes and sentimental items are handled with the utmost care to ensure the finest results possible. All of our work is guaranteed and if an item does not restore, it’s free.