Specialty Services

Leather and Suede

Leather is nature’s most sensual materials and with its comfort and durability, your investment in leather holds value either in workmanship, style, or in a sentimental capacity. Leather apparel is showing an increase in today’s market and NuTrend is committed to work with manufacturers, retailers, and consumers on a day to day basis to provide professional worry free service. Today’s leather and suede garments require the latest in technology for proper aftermarket care and NuTrend specializes in this aftermarket care. Most leather and suede will clean beautifully when professionally processed, however there are some exceptions, due to the quality and/or condition of the skin. Since the original tanning method cannot be duplicated, our guaranteed workmanship comes with over 23 years of experience.


Fur Cleaning

Having your furs professionally cleaned will add life to your furs. With the latest products for cleaning furs, your furs will feel soft and glazed. Both the leather and fur process is an environmentally safe process and this process is completed on location in Omaha.



I come to NuTrend because of Sue’s cheer, smile and the friendliness of the staff. Also the price is right!

Therese R.

 Wedding Gown Preservation

With all the things that have to be done before that special day, this information will hold more value about a week or two after the wedding of your dreams is finally behind you. After some of the new adjustments start to settle down, you may look at your beautiful gown and not see stains caused by soil such as body oils, make-up, or perspiration. Although these stains are not visible right away, over time these stains plus other soil such as food or beverages, could cause damage to the gown with discoloration and/or weakness to the fabric, even if the gown was only worn once. NuTrend understands the importance with all the details that goes in selecting the perfect gown with professional knowledge with the aftermarket care. Since each gown is different, your gown will be examined for the most suitable cleaning method. Each stage of the cleaning and boxing process will receive the required attention for proper storage. Besides providing years of protection, NuTrend respects the possibility that there may be hopes of passing your gown down someday. Our program comes with a luxurious golden keepsake acid free preservation box that not only offers premium protection, but extraordinary beauty as well.

  • Crystal Clear Viewing Window
  • Acid Free Tissue Paper
  • Protective Shipping Carton with Handle


Other Memory Box Ideas

This service includes many of the same features as our wedding gown program and is ideal for preserving memorabilia items such as:

  • Flower Girl Dresses
  • Christening Gowns
  • Cheerleading Outfits
  • School Jackets
  • Military Uniforms
  • Baby Items
  • Quilts and Blankets
  • Family Heirlooms

We will clean and box as many items that fit an 18x12x3 1/2 box.

Feather Pillow Service

Feather Pillow Cleaning | Sanitizing |  New Ticking

Pillows are individually processed. Feathers are removed and sterilized, deodorized, and encased in a new featherproof ticking.

  • Feathers added by request only. (Waterfowl) 4oz bags.
  • No extra charge for equalizing pillows or making 2 pillows into 1.
  • New ticking comes in Standard Size, Queen Size, and King Size