Dry Cleaning

Our goal is to serve the metro area with high quality textile care at reasonable prices. We are committed to be your complete garment care professional by using high volume state of the art equipment that helps to keep our prices as some of the lowest in the business.


Exceptional Professionalism

Our service comes with over 25 years experience, with the latest in technology of textile care. Plus over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. Our process is an environmentally friendly process.

Delivery Service

Let NuTrend Dry Cleaning save you time and money with our out source delivery services. Check out our Delivery Service or visit any of our locations or feel free to call and find out how you can save up to 50% or more on your dry cleaning needs.

Specialty Services

We are more than just a Dry Cleaning Company. NuTrend offers many specialty services that set us apart from our competition. Just a few of them include Onsite Leather & Suede Cleaning, Fur Cleaning, Wedding Gown Preservation and more! View our Specialty Services Pages for more information.


I’ve used NuTrend several times in the past for my dry cleaning needs and have always been extremely satisfied with the service and quality of care. My latest experience with NuTrend went above and beyond my expectations. I recently found myself in a situation without a washer or dryer for a few months. Living where I live I also didn’t have access to a laundromat. John was so willing to work with me and find a solution for me to be able to get to use NuTrend for all my laundry, not just my dry clean only items. I will forever, only be taking my dry clean items to NuTrend. Thank you so much!